• Creative industry

More and more young entrepreneurs have extraordinary ideas and want to commercialize them. We want to support our clients in the development of their innovative projects. Our Law Firm helps the creative entrepreneurs in the formalities related to running their business. Our goal is to protect properly their ideas and protect them from unfair use and copying.

In particular, we address our offer to clients acting as marketing, advertising and public relations agencies, production and modeling agencies, film and television producers, artists and their agents, start-ups, programmers, bloggers and entrepreneurs from the clothing industry.

What we offer:

-we support starting a business, from assistance in choosing the right legal form and taxation to obtaining the appropriate permits and concessions required at the start of the business activity,

-reporting trademarks,

-representation in registration, objection, and court proceedings,

-creating and negotiating contracts,

-the advice in the case of „theft” of ideas and infringement of personal rights,

-we provide services as part of combating unfair competition,

-audits in the area of industrial property rights, copyright and related rights, internet domains, company law, and competition law.