• Economic activity in Poland
  • Residence and civic matters
  • Work permits in Poland
  • Acquisition of real estate

Poland, thanks to the stable economic and political situation and the ever-growing economy, is an attractive place to invest. From the very beginning, EWS Legal Law Firm provides legal services for foreign clients, in particular from China, India, Israel, and Luxembourg, interested in starting undertakings in our country or entering into permanent cooperation with Polish contractors. We accompany our clients in passing through all stages of starting a business, as well as taking over and merging with existing enterprises. To ensure the most effective communication possible, we cooperate with the citizens of the Far East countries and countries belonging to the Commonwealth of Independent States who live permanently in Poland. We also speak English, Russian, Spanish and Mandarin. We know that only such a combination will allow us to properly interpret the needs of our clients and find the best solutions possible.

In particular, we can support you with:

-finding business partners in Poland and negotiating with them,

-contacts with Polish offices,

-preparation of necessary documents to start operations and submission to the registration court,

-obtaining the necessary concessions, licenses, and permits,

-developing contracts,

-property purchase.

Usually, the first issue that foreigners encounter when coming to Poland is to regulate matters related to the legalization of their stay. However, the most important thing is to analyze the legal situation of the client before starting the actual legalization process and help him choose the right solutions for them.  We also accompany them in administrative proceedings related to immigration law, representing their interests before relevant offices and, if necessary, also before administrative courts.

We also help in matters related to the subject of Polish citizenship, that is, granting, acquiring, restoring it or recognizing as a Polish citizen.

To provide our clients with due care, we also provide services in English, Russian, Spanish and Chinese (Mandarin).

Our clients also include employers employing foreigners, and employment agencies. In accordance with applicable law, the employment of foreigners in Poland is associated with special obligations.

For this purpose, we offer:

-support in obtaining work permits,

-help in developing your company’s immigration strategy,

-setting up an employment agency.

In accordance with Polish law, the acquisition of real estate located in Poland by a foreigner, as well as the acquisition of shares or stocks in a company with its registered office in Poland, which owns a property located in Poland, requires obtaining the relevant permit. It is important because, without such permission, the acquisition of real estate and the acquisition of shares or stocks by a foreigner is invalid. For our clients, we conduct proceedings for obtaining a permit to purchase real estate in Poland, we determine the legal status of real estate and we help in the acquisition of the second and subsequent real estate.

We will also help you in:

-conducting proceedings to obtain a promise,

-representation in proceedings in the event of the refusal of granting a permit.