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We are a team that combines experience in providing complex legal assistance and comprehension
of the needs of the market – not only the local one but also the international one.

Think about it, how many lawyers do you know, who are active in the field of trade contacts with the
Far East, co-created international IT projects, operated in the artistic environment and, at the same
time, worked in law firms, gaining the necessary skills in the profession of legal counsel? If none,
nothing is lost! You will see that we will quickly find a common language.

In the era of globalization and the changes taking place, the evolution of local and international
business means that even thorough knowledge about Polish and international legal conditions often
turns out to be insufficient to proper understanding the needs of entrepreneurs.

For this purpose, within one law office, we have gathered experienced lawyers and people previously
associated with international institutions that provide innovative services on the financial and
insurance markets as well as a mediation in international trade. We believe that such a combination
will allow to provide our Partners with adequate support and security in this changing world.

Paweł Wasilewski

Agnieszka Jaszczak