• Establishing companies
  • Ongoing legal service for entrepreneurs and NGOs
  • E-commerce
  • Start-ups
  • Construction and real estate law
  • Legal audit of the company

We provide support during establishing, from assistance in choosing the right legal form and taxation to obtaining the appropriate permits and concessions required at the beginning of the activity, in particular, start-ups and companies planning to operate cross-border or ones based on new technology. We adjust the provisions of the agreements and statutes so as to fully reflect the business assumptions of the founders and future shareholders. In addition, we provide help in establishing foundations and associationsto companies and the sole proprietorship registration.

As part of our services, we also offer:

-preparation of founding documents, participation in notarial activities and submission of a complete application for entry in the relevant register,

-conducting negotiations with investors, developing necessary contracts and other documents,

-assistance in obtaining funding for the implementation of new projects and development,

-support in issues related to intellectual property rights, such as registration of trademarks or filing the patent applications.


In the case of entities already operating on the market, we also provide legal assistance in the transformation processes, in particular:

-transformation of a self-employed into a commercial company,

-transformation of commercial law companies,

-transactions for the sale or purchase of an enterprise or its organized part

For existing enterprises, the Law Firm EWS Legal provides services related to day-to-day legal services in all aspects of the business conducted by the client. We serve companies with both Polish and foreign capital. In particular, we monitor all changes occurring in the broadly understood entrepreneurs’ law on an ongoing basis, so as to protect our clients against the risk related to the maladjustment of their operations to new legal requirements.

Our services encompass mainly:

-providing permanent corporate services to commercial law companies and their bodies (general meetings, management and supervisory boards),

-preparation of corporate documentation of companies and NGOs,

-preparation and expressing opinions on trade agreements and internal organizational documents (regulations, statutes, policies),

-transforming, merging and dividing companies,

-acquisition of companies, shares’ sale and transfer of shareholders’ rights,

-handling transactions with foreign counterparties,

-liquidation of business entities.

We provide comprehensive support for e-business – both existing and emerging online stores and websites. Step by step, we prepare our clients to start and conduct a legitimate online activity.

In particular, we offer:

-creating rules of an online store, privacy policy, cookies policy, order form and the form of withdrawal from the contract,

-complaints procedures’ development, guarantee conditions adapted to the applicable consumer law and creation of returns policy,

-consultancy regarding the conclusion of distance contracts,

-implementation of procedures resulting from the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR, polish: RODO),

-support in the protection of intellectual property rights in the network,

-consultancy in the field of advertising on the Internet, mailing and organization of competitions.

Thanks to the knowledge acquired during the implementation of one of the European online banks from the FinTech industry, we have learnt to properly understand the needs of entrepreneurs offering innovative undertakings. We advise our clients what form of business will be the most suitable for them, we develop all necessary founding documents and help protect their intellectual property. We also help in exporting our technological ideas to foreign markets.
We can also offer you:
-preparation of internal documentation (including: regulations),
-drawing up agreements with partners and consulting in the investment process,
-consultancy in the field of bringing of the contribution and assets in kind as a contribution to capital companies,
-registration of trademarks,
-implementation of procedures resulting from the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR, polish: RODO).

Running a business is also often connected with the issues of real estate law and construction law. Investment processes begin with financing; therefore, we offer assistance already at the stage of negotiating agreements with investors, including financial institutions. We represent our clients in administrative proceedings related to obtaining building lease contract, planning permissions and environmental decisions. We also support transactions made on the real estate market, as well as in the preparation of an audit of real estate, carried out before the purchase.

We also provide services in the field of:

-verification or preparation of construction contracts, design work, investor’s supervision and subcontracting,

-verification and preparation of land promotion agreements,

-owner maintenance, housing cooperatives and property managers,

-recovering and regulating the legal status of the real estate.

The essence of the audit is the verification of the practices, procedures and documents in force at the company in terms of compliance with applicable law. For our clients, we provide services in the area of partial audits as well as comprehensive business analysis. Conducting such an audit entails tangible benefits for the company. It is the best instrument to manage legal risk in an enterprise, which also allows to reduce or even avoid the risks associated with improper compliance with applicable legal norms. What is more, it also allows for the reduction of costs and the increase in the efficiency of running a business.

A legal audit is particularly recommended when:

-you implement a new development policy in the company,

-new regulations have been adopted that increase the risk of control by relevant state authorities,

-you are going to buy a company,

-you plan to transform the subject.